24 News Live

24 News Live is an amazing and famous channel in Pakistan. Basically, it is an Urdu language news channel which keeps the viewers informed about the internal as well as external situation across the country. All the news items revolve around political, social, sports, and other national issues. With the help of this channel, all the viewers are able to know deeply about the current prevailing situations in Pakistan.

This is the only channel which focuses on reporting news without any prejudices. All the prejudices and subversive intentions are not included in the streaming of this channel. By having this channel on your screen, it is probable that your opinion will be based on the best and rigid facts.

About its origin, it can be said that it was launched in 2015. It has become a prt of the City Network. Its slogan is known as “Har Izhar, Qabil-e-Itbaar Ba Khabr 24 Hours”. Not only in Pakistan, but other countries including the Middle East, USA, UK, UAE, and Ireland have this channel in their territories. Its headquarter is based in Lahore, Pakistan. It is known that City 42, City 41, UK44, EU44, and Rohi TV are its sisters channels which serve with the same purpose.

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